Anyone can help on GPACON/GPADAT issue?

Gianluca Renzi gianlucarenzi at
Thu Apr 16 17:43:18 CEST 2009

Hello list,
I would like to know if there is something wrong in my setup.
I have a custom board s3c2442BL based.
I ported some test points into a strip just to have an "expansion connector".
Those pins are GPA12..GPA16. On reset they are at 1.8V is it normal?
If I configure them as OUTPUT in GPACON register and write the corresponding 
bit High its level remains 1.8V not 3.3V. Is it normal? It looks like it has 
some PULLDOWN register enabled, but the GPIO A is the only port that *DOES NOT 
HAVE* such register (from port B to port J they have PD regs...)
They are wired DIRECTLY from CPU pins to strip pins. No pullup, pulldown or 

Something weird in the user manual?

Any help, clue?
Gianluca Renzi
phone: +39.0542.609120
fax: +39.0542.609212

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