Weekly kernel update

Nelson Castillo arhuaco at freaks-unidos.net
Wed Apr 29 06:37:47 CEST 2009

Recent fixes:

[#2240]  Call unbind() hook of the usb gadget so that it can properly
release its resources
Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors at iki.fi>

[#2255] Make xglamo workaround opt-out
There is a workaround for xglamo in the drivers/mfd/glamo/glamo-fb.c
file. It is useful now but it causes problem for those who are using
Xorg.  Now It can be disabled at compile time
(CONFIG_MFD_GLAMO_FB_XGLAMO_WORKAROUND) or at run time with "echo 0 >


Now (un)plugging the USB cable effects the battery status soon.
Michael Trimarchi <michael at panicking.kicks-ass.org>
Daniel Willmann <daniel at totalueberwachung.de>

Help avoid a crash in the GTA01.
Michael Trimarchi <michael at panicking.kicks-ass.org>

GTA01 battery:

It was pointed out by Angus that the new streamlined driver for the
GTA01 battery does not include attributes expected by some programs.
Right now the following are available:
PRESENT is always 1 for the GTA01 (added today).
The driver: http://git.openmoko.org/?p=kernel.git;a=blob;f=drivers/power/gta01_battery.c;hb=andy-tracking

Usb0 --> eth<n> change:
This message by Mike (mwester) explains why some hosts are seeing
eth<n> instead of usb0.

usb0 interface on the phone not activated:
This was a small issue in recent OM unstable/experimental
distributions. It has been promptly fixed.

Outstanding bug #1:
Kernel regression: white screen of death reappeared with 2.6.29
This regression happens with u-boot and not with Qi. It has been
pointed out by IRC:lindi- that suspend and resume brings the display
back to an usable state.

Outstanding bug #2:
gsm0710muxd: "Modem does not respond to AT commands"
More testing is required for this bug. Somebody else affected by it?

U-boot enhancement: Update for reading inodes on ext2fs revision 1
Rask Ingemann Lambertsen <rask at sygehus.dk>

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