Problem of system halt in 1 minute

Xiaofei ZHANG xiaofei.zhang at
Tue Dec 1 16:27:08 CET 2009


I'm trying to recompile the kernel. I followed the introduction of  
kernel in the wiki to recompile the andy-tracking branch. Every thing  
is OK with the default configuration and the kernel is done.

But, when I run it in the SD card, I had two problems.

1. Each time when I turned on the RreeRunner, it appeared the battery  
didn't charg even if I used full charged battery (GTA02 1200mAh). Why  
is this issue ? Something wrong with the configuration ?

2. Then in the terminal, it showed "The system is going DOWN for  
system halt in 1 minute." So I cannot do anything within this 1  
minute. I don't know why.

Who can help me to make a right kernel ? Thank you.


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