[PATCH] qi: load specific kernel upon button press

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 08:24:19 CET 2009


Marc Andre Tanner <openmoko at brain-dump.org> writes:
> As part of my qi-bootmenu project[1] I needed a way to launch a specific
> kernel upon AUX press which contains an initramfs that scans the available
> partitions and presents a list of bootable systems. I therefore came up
> with the following patches.

I'm sorry but i can't quite understand the objective. The user has a
full and easy control over uSD contents so if he wants to use the NAND
kernel he can just make sure uSD doesn't have bootable (according to
Qi's notion partitions) so the whole card will be skipped and the NAND
kernel started anyway. What advantages does your patch have over
simply skipping the card automatically?

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