[PATCH 0/8] Qi solve GTA02 dynparts compatability and parse idenity partition

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Feb 3 19:48:32 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> In addition, the identity or factory partition is mounted
|> and the USB Mac address is recovered and appened to the
|> commandline suitable for use by the Ethernet gadget.  It
|> means the Ethernet over USB device now always presents the
|> same globally unique MAC address instead of a random one.
| I think we also have to set dev_addr. You can just add one to the
| MAC from the factory partition - we allocate them in blocks of
| three, with the third one reserved but currently not used for BT.

There's a file in the identity partition called "usb"... it contains a
MAC address prepended with U: ... it seems it's intended to the be the
unique Ethernet over USB MAC address.  So that's what I used.

If by dev_addr you mean the GTA02 client side one, it's far less
critical than the host one which is set by these patches... I don't
think anything exists that cares in GTA02 context.  So I don't think we
need to get into a big deal about allocating ourselves another GUID one
for the device side.

~From my laptop -->

eth0: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-0000:00:1d.1-1, CDC Ethernet Device,
00:1f:11:01:24:03  <--- the address from identity partition on GTA02.

- -Andy
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