[PATCH 0/8] Qi solve GTA02 dynparts compatability and parse idenity partition

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 4 11:32:34 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:
> Considering SD boot works fine with Qi the only truly critical block is
> only erase block +0 containing Qi -- 8K of that block is always read at
> boot without ECC anyway AFAIK.  So we're talking about protecting 2/3rds
> of the bootloader with ECC... I think it's acceptable risk until someone
> shows failure from this, not to mention the ECC support itself will
> increase the size of bootloader and risk of bit error.

I was more thinking of the case when booting the kernel or boot GUI
from NAND on GTA02. There, a lot more blocks are involved ...

- Werner

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