accessing SD_3V3 in drivers/mmc/host/s3cmci.c

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Thu Feb 5 10:04:04 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> - s3cmci.c shouldn't have to know about a platform's power
|>   arrangements. That's why we have set_power.
| In mach-gta02.c, when we define SD_3V3, we also have to specify which
| device is the consumer - which means the supply namespace is not global
| and it depends on the device and not the platform. So, I think it's
| reasonable to assume that any regulator that supplies it will be
| named SD_3V3 ?

SD_3V3 is actually a GTAxx specific name.  SD power is variable even
down to 1.8V.  So this is a bogus name for the general case.

Because s3cmci.c is generic platform code we need to pass literals like
this in by platform data if it will go upstream, although how "upstream"
feels about conversion to regulator API overall I dunno.

Anyway the point is nothing wrong with regulator API in there for our
purposes but this is a little leakage of machine-specific info into
platform code with "SD_3V3".

- -Andy

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