PLL & clock settings on GTA02: u-boot vs. qi

scholbert scholbert at
Thu Feb 5 19:56:58 CET 2009

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> It would be great, yes. Alas, we found that, with Glamo and NOR sitting
> on the bus, the capacitative load is too largeto allow us to go much
> faster.
> We once had a prototype without these two chips, and it hummed along
> happily at 133 MHz ...
O.K. i see, so it's the load which harms the signals to much to be clean
enough for higher frequency...
So no real chance to boost the device without loosing stability, i guess.

Maybe hackers out there should shrink down complexity of the GUI to decrease
system load and increase response time of applications to make it feel
faster ;-)


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