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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Fri Feb 6 01:05:49 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 16:06 -0600, Mike (mwester) wrote:
|> Andy Green wrote:
|>> I'm just sending out a notification now in case it will cause trouble to
|>> people who are working on the assumption that current stable branch will
|>> stick at 2.6.24 forever :-)
|> Well, I know better than to argue, but can you at least do us the favor
|> of tagging the current HEAD of that branch, so that we GTA01 owners can
|> still build something that's clearly marked and easily accessed?  (I
|> have trouble memorizing git hashes.)
| Does gta01 require the 2.6.24 kernel right now or is there a 2.6.28
| variant that works ?

Balaji created a gta01 config and tested it on a GTA01 recently, it's in
the arch/arm/configs/.  It's only the "moredrivers" one not the
module-heavy one equivalent to the gta02 packaging config.  Balaji or
someone else with a GTA01 will need to build and test a gta01 packaging
config, but otherwise the moredrivers one is believed to work.

2.6.28 is gone, we are on 2.6.29-rc2 and shortly -rc3 on andy-tracking.

- -Andy
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