Has anyone / use stable branch

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Sat Feb 7 16:52:38 CET 2009


Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hi,
> | with current andy-tracking i am unable to get android working.
> |
> | I have problem with broken display, touchscreen does not work
> | and keys dont work too.
> |
> | I have been compiling andy-tracking and have been sucessfully
> | using it until the rebase to 2.6.29. Then things got broken.
> | First i thought it's just temporary, but the problems are
> | remaining.
> |
> | Is anybody else with these problems or am i doing something
> | wrong?
> "Normal users" should start building the stable branch instead of
> andy-tracking now.
> Because these -tracking branches are about tracking upstream (and
> s3c64xx stuff as well) they will be in a repeated state of breakage...
> it's what they're for.
> But from now on as we fix the problems and get back to stable operation,
> I'll keep updating the stable branch before wrecking the tracking branch
> up again with the next rebase.
I can report my personal experience on andy-tracking, and it's works fine.
As I report the pan display is the only known regression for android
functionability, and other things are related to the hardware abstraction
of android platoform that is a little bit different. During my test the 
2.6.29-rc2 works fine.
> That's what's happened today, stable is updated to andy-tracking of a
> few days ago which is believed very solid, and andy-tracking has rebased
> on upstream and it's status isn't known yet.

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