Has anyone android working with andy-tracking?

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Feb 7 18:24:48 CET 2009

> no open discussion on this. The uImage-v11.bin and uImage-v11-strip.bin 
> and uImage-v10 are
> based on the latest kernel with a revert of one commit on display 
> (pan_problem) and a keyboard
> patch. 

Hi Michael,
i tried your uImage-v11.bin. The display issue seems fixed, but
neither keyboard nor touchscreen works.

To me this looks like a kernel issue. If i boot the older kernel
(e.g. date from begging of january) keyboard and touchscreen work
just fine on the same rootfs.

I also tried your rootfs (on SD card), but again the same results.

Do keys and touchscreen work for you?


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