Has anyone android working with andy-tracking?

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Sat Feb 7 21:44:24 CET 2009


Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Using uImage-v11.bin with freerunner-v11.jffs2 from SD i have problem
> | to autenticate the pin.
> | When i enter the pin, the system always return with an "Incorrect pin
> | code!" message!
> This would seem to be good news though, your "keyboard and touchscreen"
> that are broken for Radek are presumably "working" for you.
> Radek it sounds like it can be to do with input subsystem.  Maybe you
> can boot with kernel commandline init=/bin/sh if that exists in Android
> rootfs, then
> mount -tproc proc /proc
> and
> hexdump /dev/input/event1
> should show stuff when you press touchscreen.
> - -Andy
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In android there are two issue:

The keyboard can't acquire the wake lock... path error, because you 
the koolu tree with /sys/android_power/ old path and old name or
you don't have read/write permission on /sys/power/wake_lock* file
or you don't have the keyboard patch support or symple you don't take
the latest patches of keyboard layout because the name of the device
has changed. Can you check all my patches on the mailing list.
But if you use my kernel and my filesystem, I don't know and you can follow
Andy Green suggest.


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