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Marcelo marcelo.magallon at
Tue Feb 10 18:03:08 CET 2009

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:34 AM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
<mickey at> wrote:

> FYI, I have uploaded libgsm0710, which is a core GSM 0710 protocol
> implementation that you can reuse in your projects -- if GPL is no problem
> for you.

It's not a problem for me personally, but it is in fact a problem for
Android.  The code from which Michael derived his work is licensed
under the Apache license v2, and mixing GPL2 and APL2 is NOT ok
according to the FSF.  Mixing GPL3 and APL2 is ok.  Things are further
complicated by the fact that we are talking about a shared library,
and given the way Android is implemented it would be rather difficult
to argue that, in the presence of a GPLed component, the whole *isn't*
GPLed, too.  In Android's world this would be an issue.  A major one
at that.  Google went thru some major pain to ensure that wouldn't
happen, and that's why they coded major parts of the infrastructure
from scratch.

I trust that all involved parties (I mean you, Michael) will behave
sensibly in this respect and won't disregard this as "unimportant



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