Status NAND Hardware ECC

Matt Hsu matt_hsu at
Wed Feb 11 05:01:07 CET 2009

Sven Rebhan wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> what is the current state of the NAND hardware ECC support?
    IFAIK, the feature of NAND hardware ECC is in support in kernel.
    But the problem is, the dfu-util did not program the ECC field. 
    You will see the ECC error message flooding during booting once ECC 
feature is enabled.
> What need to be done to enable it? What are your plans?
    If you want to enable ECC support, plan A) is to use mtd utility to 
flash rootfs.
    The plan B) is to add feature of programing ECC field when DFU-ing 
in the uboot.


> Thanks in advance for the enlightenment! ;-)
>     Sven

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