Occasional fail to initiate resume by incoming call, easy workaround proposed

Dieter Spaar spaar at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 11 17:00:29 CET 2009

Hello Werner,

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I'll leave for a trip to Taipei in a couple of days and I won't
> have much time for poking around these things. So it would be good
> if you could take care of them. Paul would probably be interested
> in helping with testing.

I have put the image of the new firmware into the SVN:


The following has been changed compared to "moko10":

 * GPIO 1 is no longer set erroneously to high after reset
 * Hardware assisted CTS handshake is enabled to avoid sending characters
    from TX fifo after CTS goes high

I can confirm that without hardware assisted CTS, the TX fifo still
sends characters after CTS got high. After enabling the hardware
assisted CTS, this seems to be fixed.

Could you please put the firmware at an appropriate place so that
others can test it and see if it fixes the problem ? Thank you.

Best regards,

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