Correct alsastatefile fits all Neos

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Fri Feb 13 03:10:18 CET 2009

[[according to Steve's 5-words rule, and as Marek mentioned the mail below 
wasn't clear enough]]

     An alsa.state file that does not work on ALL Neo FR (gta02) 
                      is an INCORRECT statefile.
     There is NO NEED to have device-specific alsa.state files! [2] 

All hardware changes done to handset microphone circuitry (even  beginning at 
GTA01) are *compatible* with a differential input setup of WM8753.

--- start of quoted mail ---
Any alsa.state file with control63 set to either "Mic2" or "Right PGA"
WILL WORK **FOR ALL NEO DEVICES** in a very similar way, only thing you need 
to do (maybe) is adjust mic sensitivity. Even this probably isn't needed as 
calypso should implement its own Automatic Level Control which easily should 
equalize the rather small differences in mic sensitivity between first GTA01 
across all devices until newest GTA02A8.
Setting different to "Mic2" or "Right PGA" for control63 however result in 
alsa.state files working for part of the devices while failing completely for 
others. However even the devices that may work with these screwed 
control63-settings won't yield a result better than that of a correct 
alsa.state control63 setting. Alas it seems there is a lot of those broken 
gsmhandset.state version around.

ECHO CAN NOT BE FIXED FOR GOOD by adjusting any mixer controls (except 
avoiding false feedback pathes of course, like opening a path from RXP/N to 
MONO1/2 in the mixer section). Echo needs to be fixed by sending correct AT 
commands to calypso to enable echo cancellation [1]. Mickey has sent a patch 
for FSO some weeks ago to do this prior to each call.

Please be aware that applying a patch to a alsa.state file might not yield the 
desired result, if the patched file differs from that file used to generate 
the patch. Trivial, but worth to mention it once again.
So please don't publish alsa.state patches! Publish the complete file instead, 
it's not that big anyway.

Please also note I'm not able to adjust volume here in Germany to suit the 
taste of anybody in Taipei. In the end we need to offer a method to our 
customers they can easily adjust volume to their own preferences. Everything 
else is useless effort.


[2]: except for adjusting volume reasons, which should not be a necessity. 
Applies to GTA02 only. For GTA01 file format differs for unknown reason. 
GTA01 Mixer settings should be identical to GTA02. GTA03 will need completely 
new statefile.
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