Can't access ext3 partition on uSD

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Fri Feb 13 06:32:50 CET 2009

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Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> | I'm ahving trouble with my uSD card, where I have an ext3 filesystem.
>> | This filesystem was setup on the FR and used there successfully for
>> | a while.  Then one day I started to have problems on it (I was using
>> | Debian-FSO's 2.6.24 kernel back then).  I tried to upgrade to
>> | Debian-FSO's 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26 thinking it would solve them,
>> | but they're still there:
>> |
>> |    # mount -t ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
>> |    # l /mnt/monnier
>> |    ls: cannot access /mnt/monnier/src: Stale NFS file handle
>> |    ls: cannot access /mnt/monnier/maps: Stale NFS file handle
>> |    total 0
>> |    -rw------- 1 monnier monnier 0 Jan 31 19:02 .xsession-errors
>> |    d????????? ? ?       ?       ?            ? maps/
>> |    d????????? ? ?       ?       ?            ? src/
>> |    #
>> What is dmesg saying when this happens?
> dmesg shows a subset of the syslog (and yes, I did double check that it
> is in fact the case), and the syslog shows no relevant message (more
> specifically: no message at all around the corresponding time).
>> I guess it simply can't communicate with the card properly and
>> everything else like general ext3 real and apparent breakage is down
>> to that.
> I guess so as well, but there's no trace of the problems.  If I do
> a "find /sd -ls >/dev/null" to force it to read every inode, I get
> a bunch of "Stale NFS file handles", a couple "Input/Output" errors, and

There should be some much more chatty information in dmesg related to
the input / output errors.

Another, dumb, thing to try is make sure there's a SIM on top of the uSD
and maybe even wedge some paper on there to make sure the uSD is pressed
down properly on the connector.

- -Andy

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