[gta02] Correct alsastatefile fits all Neos

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Fri Feb 13 07:04:47 CET 2009

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Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Am Fr  13. Februar 2009 schrieb Andy Green:
>>>      There is NO NEED to have device-specific alsa.state files! [2]
>>> Applies to GTA02 only. For GTA01 file format differs for unknown reason.
>>> GTA01 Mixer settings should be identical to GTA02. GTA03 will need 
> completely
>>> new statefile.
>> So there definitely IS a need for device-specific ALSA files when we
>> want one rootfs to work across multiple devices, which I take it we do.
>> -Andy
> Yes, absolutely correct for the wider view of using same rootfs on GTA02/03.
> I suggest to solve this GTA02 vs GTA03 issue in a more ALSA conformant way.
> First step would be the name of alsa soundcard devicedriver should represent 
> the differences in hardware.
> Next we could think about a straight way to make alsamixer, alsactl etc use 
> the right alsa.state file (section?) matching the actually loaded 
> devicedriver.

I know what you're driving at but it's a separate problem... the correct
solution there is probably outside of state files completely.

The simplest and most complete answer for the device dependency is to
just use a symlink for the /usr/share path with the states into a
device-specific /usr/share dir, and replace /etc/asound.state with a
symlink also into the current device /usr/share dir.

Then an initscript can figure out what device it is running on and set
the symlinks.  Then the rootfs acts correctly and consistently whatever
device it finds itself running on.

- -Andy
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