ar6k in andy-tracking

cz_jc at
Thu Feb 19 10:03:10 CET 2009

Hello, I'm using andy-tracking branch kernel, commit

When my phone boots up, I don't see eth0 interface. This appears in dmesg:

[21474538.905000] s3c2440-sdi s3c2440-sdi: running at 25000kHz (requested:
[21474538.905000] s3c2440-sdi s3c2440-sdi: running at 25000kHz (requested:
[21474538.910000] mmc1: queuing CIS tuple 0x80 length 1
[21474538.910000] mmc1: queuing CIS tuple 0x81 length 1
[21474538.910000] mmc1: queuing CIS tuple 0x82 length 1
[21474538.910000] mmc1: new SDIO card at address 0001
[21474538.915000] sdio_ar6000 mmc1:0001:1: deviceInsertedHandler: -1
[21474538.915000] sdio_ar6000 mmc1:0001:1: kthread_stop (ar6000_io): -4
[21474538.920000] sdio_ar6000: probe of mmc1:0001:1 failed with error -4

After running this tweak just a single time after boot, wifi works
flawlessly even after suspend/resume:
echo s3c2440-sdi >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/s3c2440-sdi/unbind
echo s3c2440-sdi >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/s3c2440-sdi/bind

I'm using natively compiled Gentoo. 

# CONFIG_AR6000_WLAN_DEBUG is not set

My kernel config can be found here:
Kernel image:

Just letting you know I tested this and it works great after the fix. The
wifi has been holding a steady connection for 7th day of uptime now, I just
suspended it for a while to test if it works after wakeup. Thanks for the
great work you're doing :)
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