[PATCH 4/4] introduce-gta02-beachhead.patch

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sat Feb 21 16:29:20 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 11:38:05AM +0800, Andy Green wrote:
|> |> +static struct i2c_board_info gta02_i2c_devs[] __initdata = {
|> | You probably want to add the WM8753 here as well.  It should be in here
|> | and I expect to have the WM8753 driver updated to use it by the next
|> | merge window.
|> Ah we ran into trouble with that somehow when this stuff changed a
|> couple of Linux versions ago.  As it stands, we instantiate the audio
|> i2c device inside neo1973_gta02_wm8753.c.  If it's evil, it's fine to
|> change it since we're only using it because it "works".  But as it
|> stands it means including neo1973_gta02_wm8753.c in the patchset, is
|> that aligned to what your plans are in this area?
| By the time this hits mainline the WM8753 driver should expect things to
| be done that way.

Well we will need to figure out what was broken in the meanwhile then,
but at that time it was definitely broken.

| BTW, unless you object I'll create a branch to carry the GTA02 audio
| driver for mainline.  I intend to start working actively on it just as
| soon as I've found a workflow for the system that works well for me
| (for most systems I use netbooting heavily which isn't going to work so
| well here).  I'll send patches here as normal, the intention is to have

You can use NFS, but the two main ways with GTA02 are NOR U-Boot (hold
down AUX button during power) -> DFU -> NAND kernel, or write uSD
externally or via Ethernet-over-USB / ssh.

| something sitting ready that I can merge directly into ASoC so it won't
| carry any of the underlying code required to actually be usable.  Is
| that OK with you?

It's great for me, we otherwise have no Alsa expertise now and there is
no internal effort to do anything with it except figure out what the
90-odd cryptic controls do as it stands.

- -Andy
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