ar6k in andy-tracking

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 22 11:55:43 CET 2009

Robert Piasek wrote:
> I found out, that frameword is taking the device down.

Ah, I heard that FSO MS5 "defaulted to WLAN being down." I thought
this meant that it simply didn't load the module before needed, but
it seems that it takes a slight detour there.

> Should frameworkd go that far? It can power the device down when not used, but 
> should it remove the interface? I'm not sure if that's the default killswitch 
> behaviour or not.

Yes. When we power the device down - no matter which mechanism we use,
as long as we don't set /sys/module/s3cmci/parameters/persist - the
interface disappears as well.

> Heh this was just me thinking FR with 5 days uptime can show complete dmesg 
> since boot... (>.<)

Ah, you need a big log buffer and  dmesg -s  for this :-)

Good. No bug then. cz_jc seems to be onto something real, though.

- Werner

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