[PATCH] fix-pm-gsm-disable-serial-drive-when-off.patch

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sun Feb 22 16:07:47 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|>> +	s3c2410_gpio_cfgpin(S3C2410_GPH1, S3C2410_GPH1_OUTP);
|>> +	msleep(1000);
|>> +	s3c2410_gpio_cfgpin(S3C2410_GPH1, S3C2410_GPH1_nRTS0);
|> Do we really have to wait a whole second ? Perhaps Dieter can help
|> us with this question.

This is Paul's code from earlier today, I just moved it in this patch.

| I flashed moko10 and did some experimenting before i wrote that
| line. 1000ms looks incorrect, for sure, but the reason for that is
| simple: just before that i assert and de-assert push-button and 500ms
| for that is always enough (i decided to be on the safe side and not
| tried to lower it further). If not for the bug in firmware, that'd be
| all is needed to be done inside the driver. But if we want to
| workaround that nasty issue, we have to wait a bit for the modem to
| boot. I decided to consolidate additional delay needed in this
| workaround line, so the workaround can be easily dropped altogether,
| minimizing the time needed for power_on.
| So, that's not a time needed for the calypso to "feel" the line,
| that's mostly the time needed for it to boot. 500ms was not enough.

Maybe if you have some time, it's worth trying say 750ms.

1s is not a terrific problem, but if the extra time really doesn't cover
any possibility, since it blocks using GSM basically it can be good to
tighten it.

At least we can control that delay in one place now and there is no need
for arbitrary sleeps in the initscripts.  GTA03 should also be like that.

- -Andy
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