Openmoko Bug #2217: Noise screen of death: Freerunner looses SDIO connection

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Sun Feb 22 21:20:57 CET 2009

#2217: Noise screen of death: Freerunner looses SDIO connection
 Reporter:  xbaldauf         |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel
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Comment(by xbaldauf):

 I've been thinking about this issue even further, and moved my root
 filesystem from my 8GB "Kingston SDC4/8GB" to the 512MB card which was
 included in the freerunner shipping box. This was quite a pain because I
 had to omit|delete a lot.

 However, after logging in and placing and receiving calls, I have not got
 the crash, so far...

 Could it be that the communication problem somewhere between CPU and SDHC-
 card is, indeed, at the SDHC-card end?

 I've been looking for reports of problems with this SDHC card, did not
 find any, but I found this report:

 This looks pretty familiar... "unreliable behavior if the GSM modem is

 So it seems that there is at least one other user with the same problem.
 Could it be that there is electromagnetic noise coming from GSM impacting
 the card?

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