Porting Android on Neo Freerunner

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 23 06:30:32 CET 2009

> Hi All,
>                 I have some questions on porting Android on Neo Freerunner.
>                 1. Android kernel is also a linux kernel.  Linux kernel 
> changes when machine changes. So if we want a linux kernel which can run 
> well in Neo runner, the kernel should be same or near with the openmoko 
> kernel. So, to port Android on Neo Freerunner,  what we should do is 
> running an openmoko kernel with an Android root filesystem. Am I right?

Yes, that's current situation. Only difference now is kernel
configuration, because wakelocks make some problems in non
Android images. So they are disabled in openmoko default kernel.

>                 2. I don’t think Android kernel should added a prefix 
> “Android”. That’s because the kernel is not based on a specific machine. 
> The kernel  will be different on porting to different machines. On neo 
> freerunner, the kernel will be changed to be a kernel same or near with 
> openmoko kernel. If a kernel can be added with a prefix XXX, the kernel 
> should have some characteristics or the kernel should be on some 
> specific machine.
>                 3. Can a kernel compiled with EABI run on S3c2410?

As far as i know it's currently this way compiled.


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