[PATCH] fix-pm-gsm-disable-serial-drive-when-off.patch

Dieter Spaar spaar at openmoko.org
Mon Feb 23 09:41:57 CET 2009

Hello Werner,

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Engineers like round numbers so the total time may well be 1 s
> from the moment the button press is debounced, so the current
> 1.5 ms would be safe and so would the 500+750 = 1250 ms Andy has
> suggested. I would hope that it's fairly constant as well, but
> without measuring, this is just a wild guess.

OK, here is the result of a very quick check. When Modem Power goes on 
it takes
about 1200 ms till the AT command interpreter tells it is ready. "about" 
means +/- 50 ms,
I hope this is good enough for now.

An easy test to see if the Modem is ready is to look at the RTS line. It 
is high on reset or
power on and goes low when the AT command interpreter is ready.

The above has been tested with "moko11-beta1".

Best regards,

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