Porting Android on Neo Freerunner

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主题: Porting Android on Neo Freerunner


Hi All,

                I have some questions on porting Android on Neo Freerunner.

                1. Android kernel is also a linux kernel.  Linux kernel
changes when machine changes. So if we want a linux kernel which can run
well in Neo runner, the kernel should be same or near with the openmoko
kernel. So, to port Android on Neo Freerunner,  what we should do is running
an openmoko kernel with an Android root filesystem. Am I right?


                2. I don’t think Android kernel should added a prefix
“Android”. That’s because the kernel is not based on a specific machine.
The kernel  will be different on porting to different machines. On neo
freerunner, the kernel will be changed to be a kernel same or near with
openmoko kernel. If a kernel can be added with a prefix XXX, the kernel
should have some characteristics or the kernel should be on some specific


                3. Can a kernel compiled with EABI run on S3c2410?



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