g_ether code 10 error using linux kernel 2.6.28 on SMDK2440

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Wed Feb 25 08:37:17 CET 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Moreover, it doesn't seem like any kernel dev knows how to produce any
> meaningful logs from that stupid platform, so i'd let windows-lovers
> struggle on their own ;)

Hahahaha.  Sigh.  Like it or not, the fact is that Windows exists, and
co-existence is mandatory if this project will ever sell a phone to even
the "power-user" community.

So, yeah, it's a real hoot that the GTA0x blue-screens windows when you
plug it in -- hahaha.  Now that we've all laughed, let's accept that
Linux kernels didn't USED to do that, so this is clearly a regression,
so it needs to be fixed!

So instead of comments like "let windows-lovers struggle", maybe that
email should have read "offer Windows users assistance to capture the
necessary information to present to the upstream kernel developers."?

Otherwise, let's all just start shouting "Long live the iPhone!" or
"Viva Android!".

So, to try to be constructive here, what is it that is holding this up
-- is it really just that the Linux purists won't dirty their hands by
touching a Windows box to get some data?  What do they need -- I used to
shovel cow s*** on a farm as a kid, Windows doesn't frighten me.

-Mike (mwester)

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