Problems with ASoC and Bluetooth routing

Jan Lübbe jluebbe at
Thu Feb 26 11:59:01 CET 2009


With help from Paul Fertser and Jörg Reisenweber i was able to get
bidirectional PCM between BT and GSM working on GTA02. I used the setup
described on: with as ALSA state and the dac setup from .

This did not work correctly at first, although it now know that the
state file is correct.

I setup a call using FSO/zhone, which switches to gsmhandset.state. Then
i loaded GSMBLUETOOTH, and setup the headset using bluez.
Now the transmit path worked fine, but i couldn't hear anything in the

The problem here seems to he the "Capture Left Mixer" control is set to
"Analogue Mix Left". When i now switch this to something different
("Analogue Mix Right") and back, the receive path starts working. Paul
and Jörg suggested it might have something to do with DAPM. Also i
noticed that changeing "Capture Right Mix" changes "Capture Left Mix" in
paralell, but doesn't fix the audio path im my case.


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