My FR doesn't work any more with a Nokia battery

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Sat Feb 28 06:11:56 CET 2009

> This doesn't look good, it's not a problem, but I wonder whether the
> kernel here oopsed.

Indeed, it looks like an Oops.  I'll investigate, but I think
it's unrelated.

>> Broadcast message from root at neo (Thu Feb 26 16:34:32 2009):
>> The system is going down for system halt NOW!
>> Feb 26 16:34:32 neo user.notice shutdown[1666]: shutting down for system halt
>> Feb 26 16:34:32 neo init: Switching to runlevel: 0

> Here we are. In order to protect you from deep discharge, frameworkd
> these days shuts down the battery, if the capacity is too low. If that
> is not wanted, remove the rule that does it from rules.yaml.

What I don't understand is why frameworkd thinks that "the capacity is
too low" and that I'm in danger of deep discharge: the capacity is not
low, it's just unknown.  And the deep discharge seems unlikely since
this FR was connected to a 500mA source at that time (it may even have
been charging, tho maybe the shutdown took place right when charging
stopped bcause the battery was full).


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