[PATCH] pcf50633 IRQ handler

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Thu Jan 15 17:46:56 CET 2009

Sean McNeil wrote:
> Michael Trimarchi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sean McNeil wrote:
>>> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>>>> Sean McNeil wrote:
>>>>> I'm finishing up GPRS support in Android, so I haven't any time to
>>>>> look at it now.
>>>> Nice. What is now the status of your ril moko library? Any plan to
>>>> release it (or better, its source) soon?
>>>> Have you fixed other GSM issues (my greatest issue is that I can't get
>>>> any SMS :|)?
>>>> Many thanks..
>>> Source will be released, but I'm not sure when. Not too long I 
>>> should imagine now that GPRS works. The only other 2 issues I know 
>>> about (SMS and PIN) have been addressed as well.
>> Do you use a property for export powerup and power downn of gsm chip? 
>> Do you have a reset call in your
>> library?
>> Michael
> No. Ideally these would be provided via. the kernel rfkill api. 
> Nothing is currently implemented for it, though.
static int modem_hw_on(const char* pm_base_dir)
        LOG(LOG_DEBUG, "Enter");
        SYSCHECK(modem_hw_(pm_base_dir, "power_on", 1));
        SYSCHECK(modem_hw_(pm_base_dir, "reset", 1));
        SYSCHECK(modem_hw_(pm_base_dir, "reset", 0));
        LOG(LOG_DEBUG, "Leave");
        return 0;

I'm look at the code and I see that it do a reset sequence in the 
Sure that I miss somenthing :(.


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