Proposal for further openmoko kernel development

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Wed Jul 29 01:56:55 CEST 2009

>> Hmm, this sounds like a lot of trees with a lot of merging going
>> on between them.
> Well, depends on your definition of 'a lot'. We would probably end up 
> with ~10 driver trees + 3 machine trees + 1 all tree = ~ 15 trees.
> Ok, compared to 1 tree, as we have now, but you have to consider that 
> the more drivers get merged upstream the less trees we'll need.
> And my proposed structure makes upstream inclusion a lot easier since 
> you always have all changes to get a driver support in a single 
> patchset. Instead of having to pick it from the huge series of patches 
> which contain everything.
A short overview of those drivers:

== GTA01 ==
* pcf50606
    Seems to be pretty much complete and is similar to the pcf50633. Is 
there any reason why it hasn't been submitted for upstream inclusion?

== GTA02 ==
* glamo
    Needs some more work before we can even think of upstream inclusion
* bq27000/hdq
    The driver itself is pretty much done. But there is already a 
bq27x00 driver upstream. In contrast to out driver it's quite limited so 
we should try to replace it with our implementation.
* lis302dl
    I guess it's pretty much done. But it generates a interrupt storm in 
my builds, so this probably needs to be fixed before upstream inclusion
* ar6000
    No change of merging upstream. Never ever!
* ASoC driver
    Looks pretty much done, similar driver for gta01 is already 
upstream. Is there any reason why it hasn't been submited yet?

== Shared between GTA01/GTA02 ==
* touchscreen
* jbt6k
    Almost done, some minor issues
* generic battery driver

- Lars

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