Proposal for further openmoko kernel development

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Wed Jul 29 16:40:17 CEST 2009

Hi Mark

> > * ASoC driver
> >    Looks pretty much done, similar driver for gta01 is already
> > upstream. Is there any reason why it hasn't been submited yet?

> The ASoC driver is sitting in a branch in my (upstream's) repository but
> needs refreshing for the s3c switch to gpiolib since at the minute it
> doesn't build on 2.6.32:
>  git://
>  gta02-audio

Yes, I know, but it has been sitting there for some months now without any
changes and without being send for inclusion into the alsa tree. So I was
wondering whats still missing to get it there.

But if gpiolib support is the only issue preventing it from going into the next
higher upstream, see the following patches.

- Lars

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