[RFC PATCH] bq27000_battery. Retains old value in ETIME error

Timo Lindfors lindi at kurp.hut.fi
Thu Jul 30 19:19:16 CEST 2009

"Mike Westerhof (mwester)" <mwester at dls.net> writes:
> Shouldn't user-space be alerted to the invalid data, and deal with it in
> a user-space-specific fashion?  It seems to me that this patch is really

Maybe, if the timeouts are not persistent then probably returning
stale data to userland is ok? For example current_now is updated only
about every 25 seconds?

However, if the timeouts persist for hours then userland definitely
should be told about it.

Is there some explanation on why these timeouts happen and how long
they can last?

> Maybe we should return "-1" as the value for the fields instead.

This of course means that we need to document this somehow and make
sure userland developers hear about it and update their code?

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