Freerunner's Future / How will the kernel be maintained?

Nelson Castillo arhuaco at
Wed Jun 3 00:52:59 CEST 2009

Hello there.

As announced by Sean Moss-Pultz in the Community List the GTA02 future
will depend on the community.

I think this is already the case on the kernel side thus things will
not change much here (things already changed in March). All the
involved kernel experts are community members now anyway. In a
previous conversation with Werner we talked about opening the process
even more by not having a (single) maintainer and instead allowing
more people to commit.

Now the question is how to do it.

We know this will be volunteer work thus we need to find people who:

- Are willing to do it
- Are willing to check/test patches before committing them

It would be better if this access was given to people who have
submitted correct patches in the past or who send nice patches in the
future. I will be around with lots of time for about three weeks thus
I can help with tasks. I think we can make a smooth transition form
the centralized OM model to a more open one with no problems.


PS: See:

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