Freerunner's Future / How will the kernel be maintained?

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after having run e for years... i'll drop my advice here. it's simple. trust
people. let people send patches - i they send more than a few over a short
period, offer them commit access. people who ask for commit access get it. if
people commit and screw the kernel they of course get warnings and public
beat-downs. everyone knows who commits what and when - have a git commits list
that sends emails on every commit with the diff's. people who cause too much
trouble simply have their commit access revoked and are of course on a
blacklist. this happens incredibly rarely, so it' better to ask for forgiveness
than seek permission. of course this requires being willing to give up
direct control. you play for of a parent-figure just watching the kids play and
do heir thing - guiding every now and again and spanking when they really do go
astray. it reduces overhead significantly.

> Hello there.
> As announced by Sean Moss-Pultz in the Community List the GTA02 future
> will depend on the community.
> I think this is already the case on the kernel side thus things will
> not change much here (things already changed in March). All the
> involved kernel experts are community members now anyway. In a
> previous conversation with Werner we talked about opening the process
> even more by not having a (single) maintainer and instead allowing
> more people to commit.
> Now the question is how to do it.
> We know this will be volunteer work thus we need to find people who:
> - Are willing to do it
> - Are willing to check/test patches before committing them
> It would be better if this access was given to people who have
> submitted correct patches in the past or who send nice patches in the
> future. I will be around with lots of time for about three weeks thus
> I can help with tasks. I think we can make a smooth transition form
> the centralized OM model to a more open one with no problems.
> Cheers,
> Nelson.-
> PS: See:

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