Kernel panic with windows RNDIS, crude hack attached

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Jun 11 14:07:23 CEST 2009


Alan Cox <alan at> writes:
>> Crude patch attached but i very much hope that someone other who
>> understands rndis better than me will come with a real solution soon.
> I suspect the hardware is handing back a descriptor which is overlong. In
> which case the "correct" fix is probably to copy only as much as fits in
> the buffer (rather than the dummy string you do now)

Alan, I'm sorry to have written such a long letter with lots of
useless details but without a more extensive problem description, i
thought it was obvious to the folks working on usb/rndis.

The problem is that kernel panics in that same call to strlen,
obviously because it's handed a NULL pointer instead of sensible

The code that should set vendorDescr was commented out after some
refactoring and obviously nobody was interested to bring it back in
some sensible place:

#if 0
        if (rndis_set_param_vendor(rndis->config, vendorID,
                goto fail0;

The link [1] i mentioned in my previous letter has a hint from David
Brownell about how to properly fix it but as i have zero rndis
understanding i decided to ask for the fix those who can do that in a
matter of minutes, not hours as it'd take me.

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