Kernel panic with windows RNDIS, crude hack attached

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sat Jun 20 19:49:41 CEST 2009

Nelson Castillo <arhuaco at> writes:
>> Crude patch attached but i very much hope that someone other who
>> understands rndis better than me will come with a real solution soon.
> No real solution yet :-) Let's commit the workaround.
> Do you like the attached patch?

It's much better than the one i sent (that was broken anyway due to a
typo) :D

But i don't think we should commit it to the OM repository because
it's still a hack. Windows-using (and windows-targetting) guys don't
put any efforts on solving this upstream problem (despite the fact
they were given all the relevant pointers) so i suspect that they
don't need it.

IOW committing crap because some windows users are lazy seems to me to
be wrong.

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