Why don't enter Android OS?

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at gandalf.sssup.it
Thu Jun 25 09:48:30 CEST 2009


cc: android-freerunner at android.koolu.org

bluestar8783 wrote:
> I follow the website:http://trac.koolu.org/ to download source code for
> Android of OpenMoko-GTA02
> It builds successfully to create Kernel file:uImage and I use the file:
> build-jffs2.sh(from the website
> :http://lists.openmoko.org/nabble.html#nabble-td1616645) to create Root
> Filesystem file: androidfs.jffs2
> I use dfu-util tool to download 2 files: uImage and androidfs.jffs2 into
> OpenMoko-GTA02
> but I found it will halt the window that shows the WORD: "Koolu" and do
> nothing.
You must send a logcat to the freerunner mailing list. But just few 
What branch do you compile?
What kernel do you use?

In the next messagges better to use only android freerunner mailing list.


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