Proposal to send GSM sysfs patches on stable

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Mon Mar 2 13:20:20 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> So with these things in mind I conclude I should revert it despite it's
|> obviously the "wrong thing to do" because it's the least wrong thing
|> overall.
| I dare to disagree. Why don't you ask the actual distribution
| maintainers?

Well it's not that hard to disagree on a mailing list, people do it all
the time, relentlessly even.

Because I am in charge of Qi, from their point of view I created this
problem (by fixing a bigger problem in Qi and the kernel), so I can
"fix" it here.  That's why we see "Qi breaks GSM" threads despite the
whole story is quite different.

Otherwise, they will simply propose people keep using U-Boot and not Qi
as their "fix".  To the extent we pull some extra current until GSM is
turned on, Qi is then compatible with old and new kernels.  So it's the
best path right now AFAICT.

These guys need to uplevel to more recent kernels anyway, over time the
pressure for them to do so will only increase.  After some time we can
go back to Qi doing the right thing and the whole boot sequence will be
fine for this issue without workarounds in the rootfs.

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