SDIO WiFi card not detected in 2.6.28...

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Mon Mar 2 14:58:18 CET 2009

Hi guys,

I use 2.6.28,Olimex at91sam9260 board(board doesnt hav generic GPIO
support),SDIO WiFi(AR6001GZ)...
i successfully cross-compiled and installed linux with ar6000.ko module...
i gave insmod ar6000.ko but i couldnt see any new entry in /proc/devices...

when i tried to insert that WiFi card my dmesg too not showing any log

To check my sd slot,i tried inserting sd memory card(used
at91_mci.ko,sdhci.ko).That works fine showing dmesg output:-)
should i use separate interface driver for SDIO compatible WiFi cards?

For Debugging:

I saw several debug defines like AR_DEBUG_PRINTF, AR_DEBUG_PRINTBUF etc. in
driver source code..

I enabled debug prints by adding -DDEBUG option in the makefile of ar6000.
But none of them gets printed in dmesg, syslog.

Then, I explicitly added "#define DEBUG" in ar6000_drv.h, debug_linux.h
files. But that too didn't show debug messages.

How should I enable debug prints for ar6000.ko?
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