Heads-up: GTA03 is dead, long live 3d7k

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Mon Mar 2 19:53:51 CET 2009

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Hi -

Openmoko has decided to abandon the moniker "GTA03" and use instead

This was generated literally by picking the first character off car
registration plates that passed by I am told.

To enable this bold step into the future of free software to occur, I
have sent big patches to both the Kernel (pending- and andy-tracking)
and Qi (master) making the change to filepaths, symbols and literals.

I also registered a new machine name, OM_3D7K is now machine type 2120.
~ Since we don't have that from upstream yet, I stuck a patch on the
"don't patch me" machine types file until in pending-tracking it does
turn up.

So from today folks working on GTA.. er.. OM_3D7K will need to recook
their kernel and Qi, and take note that they need to build in a subdir
OM_3D7K, and will get uImage-OM3D7K.bin now, with a different machine
ID, which will be expected by the new Qi.

- -Andy
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