Freerunner and netconsole

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Tue Mar 3 14:16:28 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello everybody,
| hs someone sucessfully tested netconsole with the Freerunner?
| It would be a nice-to-have thing for people who want to play around
| with the kernel and don't own a Debug board (like me). I already
| tested the console, but didn't get a single char out of usb0 on my
| host side...
| Background: I wanted to test the "proposed" kernel which boots (I can
| see it mounts / over NFS) but I can't get a ssh connection, even
| though usb0 responds to ping. The problem is that without a console I
| won't get any info what goes wrong. ;-) I'm currenlty using uboot,
| dfu-uploaded kernel placed in RAM and a NFS-root and I'm willing to
| test...

I see it's a tough one because there's no Glamo in proposed even.

It sounds like initscripts get stuck or die before running sshd, or sshd
is dying.

I'll just check it roughly here.

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