SDIO WiFi Driver Development Questions

dongas dongas86 at
Wed Mar 4 05:08:08 CET 2009

Dear ALL,

I'm trying to run a sdio wifi card(based on ar6000 wifi chipset) our
my dev board(arm926 core).
I'm using the opensource sdio stack from sourceforge for linux 2.6.18,
as well as the ar6000 function driver it comes along with.

Now i'm developping the hcd driver for our dev board with the
reference of OpenMoko SDIO HCD driver based on s3c2440 from the
following path for kernel 2.6.24.
(At here i feal much real thanks to you for your great contributions
you've done)

However, things seem need to be changed that we are going to migrate
to linux 2.6.25.
The issue i encountered is that the opensource sdio stack i used is
for linux 2.6.18.

I thought there might be two ways for sdio driver porting to linux 2.6.25.

1. The first way is to porting the opensource sdio stack for kernel
2.6.18 from sourceforge to kernel 2.6.25,and then , still use the
ar6000 driver in that opensrouce sdio stack and the current developped
hcd driver based on this sdio stack.

I have a few doults that might this sdio stack for linux 2.6.18 work in 2.6.25?
Does this way has any issues and limitations?

2. The second way is to re-develop the hcd driver based on the
standard sdio stack in linux 2.6.25.
(I know in linux 2.6.25, there's already a sdio stack built in the
linux SD/MMC core, is that right?)
Since i have no idea on how to develop the sdio hcd driver based on
standard sdio stack,
can you guys provide me any info about how to do that? Or any valuable
And Is there a big diference on developping hcd driver between
standard linux sdio stack 2.6.25 and sourceforge sdio stack 2.6.18?

Another questions, even i can develop the hcd driver based on standard
sdio stack in linux 2.6.25,
where can i find a matched ar6000 function driver also based this
standard sdio stack?

It would be really appreciated if you guys can provide me any guidelines!

Many thanks to you in advance!


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