Recent kernel commit breaks battery sensing

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Wed Mar 4 11:58:52 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I couldn't actually try the patch in-situ as
|    commit 830ed8523da5f82235e4bead282f0d4cd595e449
| breaks all sorts of things.

This is part of cpufreq support for s3c6410, it was interesting to play
with but because it doesn't actually change the PLLs yet it doesn't
really impact current consumption at idle.

| So I applied your one-line change to the previous commit.
| It got rid of the compiler warning, but not the error when reading the
| battery.
| I only have success if I restore the #define.
| Is this 20usec or 10usec timer the one set up by
| gta02_fiq_enable in mach-gta02.c???  That says something about 32usec.
| I think I'm totally confused.

Yes no worries the changes I made there are for HDQ support in 3D7K.  I
guess I then broke something in GTA02 support, I'll pull out the cpufreq
patchset and meddle around.

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