[PATCH 00/13] Samsung camera driver for 3D7K

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Mar 4 17:23:15 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:
> Yow sounds like it's still carrying a lot of life support around, but it
> doesn't take away from the advance.

Yeah, there's still a good bit that needs to be done to make this
end-user ready. But for design verification, almost everything that
needs checking works.

The only items left are getting rid of the jagging and to verify
that the image corresponds to what the optical system is supposed
to do.

> BTW you seem to have missed plat/regs-camif.h from your patchset (easy
> done since it's sat there in your tree) and it won't build yet.

Argh :-( My work tree is on the PC at the office. So I'll look for
it tomorrow. Sorry about that.

- Werner

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