wifi suspemd/resume

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Wed Mar 4 17:26:11 CET 2009

Michael Trimarchi wrote:
> I'm connect to a network "test", android go to suspend, the system
> resume and
> I can't connect to the network again. unbind/rebind do the trick.

Ah, ok!

>> With 2.6.24 kernel you needed to use wmiconfig and pass to the card some
>> on/off settings to be able to reassociate to another network; with the
>> 2.6.28+ you have only to perform the mentioned operations to workaround
>> the card issues in re-associating with new APs.
> What is normal? That I can't reassociate to a network after suspend?

No, that it isn't... It's quite "normal" that you can't re-associate to
a network without unbinding/rebinding or suspending/resuming before
connecting to the new network.

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