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Wed Mar 4 18:21:57 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| Werner Almesberger wrote:
|> Michael Trimarchi wrote:
|>> If I unbind and rebind the association works again. Any idea?
|>> Do I miss somenthing?
|> Suspend does the equivalent of an unbind and resume does the equivalent
|> of a bind, so you should be able to set things up from a clean slate.
| Yes I take a look at the hif2 code and the comment on the suspend
| procedure and
| I know that the procedure are the same.
|> I suppose you know that you have to set ESSID, keys, etc., after
|> resume ? (Unless you set the "persist" option.)
| The network is disconnected and I retry to connect again sendig the
| association
| parameter using the wpa_cli -> wext_driver interface.
| The big different is that when I switch off the interface using the
| I restart the wpa_supplicant, so it is possible the the supplicant has
| an one invalid state.
| Ok I will do more test on thanks

In the past when we discussed this, we figured it's up to something on
top of wpa_supplicant, like NetworkManager, to be responsible for
retrying the connection.

It's because when you resume, it's quite possible you are in another
physical location and the old association is not possible anyway.

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