SDIO WiFi Driver Development Questions

dongas dongas86 at
Thu Mar 5 14:22:35 CET 2009

Dear Werner,

2009/3/4 Werner Almesberger <werner at>:
> Hmm, if 1.1 is buggier than 1.3, then your troubles will only start
> when you have the driver working. E.g., 1.3 made SSH fail (not sure
> if only some or all of the time.)

Do you mean that the ar6000 driver in 2.6.29 is also compatible with
the card with firmware 1.1?
If yes , i'm not need have to get a card with firmware 1.3 or 2.0 for
the testing.

> Of course :-) The good thing about the Linux stack is that you have
> plenty of reference code (that follows Linux coding style :) and
> that it'll be around for a while.

Thanks for your suggestions. Before that , i still got a few doults.
In kernel Openmoko 2.6.29 kernel(andy-tracking), i didn't found a sdio
hcd driver likes the one as before in 2.6.24 for Atheros sdio stack,
only found the s3cmci driver for sd card.
I remember in OpenMoko 2.6.24, s3cmci driver and s3c24xx_hcd driver is
two individual moduels for different using, sd card and sdio wifi,
respectively. right?
So, is there still a atheros like sdio hcd driver in kernel 2.6.29?
Can you suggest some code for me to refer to for the implementaion of
the hcd driver based on linux sdio stack?

BTW, a little curious.
I know from the Openmoko Wiki that the freerunner is based on s3c2442.
However i read the s3c2442 datasheet and found that there's only one
SDIO slot on chip.
How do you deal with this situation when both the sd card and sdio
wifi are on using?

> - Werner

Many thaks to your warm heart.


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