Atheros SDIO WiFi card in AT91SAM9260 not getting probed.

surendar 87 surendar.psgtech at
Wed Mar 11 12:13:23 CET 2009


 I use Linux 2.6.28,applied patches from Atmel website.

MMC stack in 2.6.28,

ar6000 driver directory alone from 2.6.29(andy-trackin)

at91_mci HCD in my MMC stack

SDIO WiFi card(AR6001GZ)---firmware 1.3.14

my card is not even getting detected.
Is that due to firmware and ar6000 driver interface compatibilty?
Is there any relation between HCD and firmware in my chip that prevents it
from being detected?

I would be very much relieved if anyone is kind enough to give their valid
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