Atheros SDIO WiFi card in AT91SAM9260 not getting probed.

dongas dongas86 at
Thu Mar 12 02:20:27 CET 2009

2009/3/11 surendar 87 <surendar.psgtech at>:
> Hi,
>  I use Linux 2.6.28,applied patches from Atmel website.
> MMC stack in 2.6.28,
> ar6000 driver directory alone from 2.6.29(andy-trackin)
> at91_mci HCD in my MMC stack
> SDIO WiFi card(AR6001GZ)---firmware 1.3.14
> my card is not even getting detected.

I just got the same issue.
I used the same test code, when i inserted a SD Card, the card
detection interrupt can be araised properly,
but if i inserted the SDIO WiFi card, the card detection interrupt can
never be araised, the means the host can not detect the SDIO Card.
However, my board does support SDIO.
I wonder if this is the HW(Host) problem or the SDIO card problem.
Is there any one know this issue?

It would be really appreciated if someone can give a few hints.


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